Troop Shoot & Rifle Shooting Merit Badge

Post date: Sep 23, 2015 4:6:32 AM

Reminder that the troop shoot is still open.

If you are interested in going, do let me know. Send me an email;

We already have a number of Scouts and parents signed up for this annual event!

It’s a great overnight camping, eating, shooting experience. It’s quick! We leave after lunch on Saturday and return just after lunch on Sunday.

Any Scout regardless of age or rank can come on this trek!

The requirement is to attend the safety meeting which is scheduled for the same day and time as our normal troop meeting, but at Mr. Shiller’s house. He always does a great job of teaching.

Get and review (that means —“Be Prepared”-- read) the Rifle Shooting Merit Badge Pamphlet and you will know the answers to over 80% of the questions and Mr. Shiller will teach the rest. There are a couple of trick questions in the list above!!