Mt. Baldy/Mt. San Antonio Day Hike - August 15

Post date: Jun 23, 2015 5:47:5 AM

Mt. Baldy/Mt. San Antonio Day Hike - August 15 - This will be a “High Adventure” day hike. We will ride the Baldy chair lift from Manker Flat to Baldy Notch, at 7,840 feet. We will then hike the 3.2 mile Devil’s Spine trail to the summit of Mt. San Antonio (also known as Mt. Baldy), at 10,064 feet. We will then take the long way down, hiking around the Baldy Bowl, 4.8 miles back to 6,165 feet, for a total of 8 miles and 2,380 feet of elevation gain. At the lower elevations you walk through pine forests that grow progressively thinner as altitude is gained. They eventually disappear above the tree line leaving only granite rocks in the immediate foreground and spectacular vistas in the background that stretch all the way to infinity in every direction.