Canoeing merit badge

Post date: Nov 12, 2014 6:3:21 AM

Canoeing merit badge session

Sunday, December 14, 2014

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Learn the parts of the canoe and the paddle, and what to do with them. Canoeing

Merit Badge will be taught by a Merit Badge counselor in the quiet waters of Fiesta Island

at the Youth Aquatic Center. If you read the merit badge book, you can easily

learn the most important paddling strokes, and then practice paddling solo, and

with a partner. If the wind stays calm to one or two o’clock in the afternoon,

there will be plenty of time to earn the merit badge.

Canoeing MB is a prerequisite for the Salty Rat, the Spring Break canoe trip, and

Whitewater MB

Anyone else who wants to practice their canoe paddling technique is welcome to

come, subject to availability of canoes (those Scouts working on the merit badge

get first priority).

PREREQUISITE: Parent permission, and ability to swim (Swimming MB, or swim test at summer

camp, Junior Life Guards, etc.).