Camp Whitsett July 14 - 20, 2013

Summer camp is the quintessential scout experience where adventure and advancement and camaraderie and competition come together. Camp Whitsett offers twenty traditional merit badges, mountain biking, hiking, a COPE course and white-water rafting in a program the uniquely balances advancement in scouting with outdoor adventure. It is located in the Sequoia National Forest - approximately a 6 1⁄2 hour drive. Click here for more information about Camp Whitsett.Any questions, please contact the Troop's Summer Camp Coordinator, Loanne Cheung.

Costs / Prerequisites


$415 per scout; $295 per adult. This includes gas reimbursement for parents who transport scouts.Please note that ALL payments made are non-refundable once received.


All scouts and adult leaders must:

- be fully registered with the troop for 2013

- have a current Annual Health/Medical Form (valid through 07/20/2013) on file with the Troop Registrar.

- have a copy of medical insurance card on file with Troop Registrar.

In addition, all adult leaders must have completed Youth Protection Training with a certificate (valid through 07/20/2013) on file with the Troop Registrar.


What to Bring Checklist


- mess kit (plate and eating utensils) for troop campout


- one or more Troop 777 Class B shirts for day use

- full Class A uniform for evening meals


Camp Information Night: June 24, 2013

We will be collecting:

(1) SPENDING MONEY. Spending money should be in a plastic baggie with the scout's name on it. We recommend that the funds be in $5 or $10 bills so it can be gradually handed out during the week. The scout is responsible for all monies once it is turned over to him; he may not return it to the parent in charge. Generally, the scout takes about $70 to camp. The camp has a small store to buy snacks and supplies for the handicraft merit badges.

(2) MEDICATIONS. Please put all medications in a plastic baggie with the scout's name on it; make sure to include clear dosing instructions for all medications. One of the parents attending camp will be responsible for all medications.

(3) FORMS. The following forms must be turned in:

- to Loanne Cheung

- Annual Health & Medical Record to Jerry Shiller

- Copy of Medical Insurance Card to Jerry Shiller

> > > IMPORTANT < < < Scouts will not be allowed to go to camp unless they have turned in all of the above forms by June 24th!


Merit Badge Information

- 2013 Merit Badge Information

- 2013 Merit Badge Packet

Please review the Merit Badge Difficulty Chart on page 4 of the Merit Badge Packet determine if you should sign up for the badge.

NOTE: Badges listed on page 6 of the Merit Badge Packet have prerequisites that must be completed before camp. If you are planning on earning any of these merit badges, you must complete a Merit Badge Prerequisite Form (page 6) for each badge.

This form must be signed by your parent/guardian and our scoutmaster, Mr Blakely. Take the form to camp to present it to the merit badge counselor for that badge in order to be able to complete the badge at Emerald Bay.

For Camping MB, you must have already earned 20 nights of camping. Please request a copy of your Scout History Report from Mr. Shiller at least 2 weeks prior to camp. Take the report to camp to show your merit badge counselor.

If you do not complete the prerequisites prior to camp, you will receive a partial. You will have to find a Merit Badge counselor in the San Diego-Imperial Council that is willing to sign off on those requirements after you complete them in order to earn the badge.


Travel to and from Camp Whitsett (Please Check Back for Updates)

Depart for Camp Whitsett: Sunday, July 14 at 7:00 AM from Sports Authority

Return from Camp Whitsett: Saturday, July 20 around 3:30 PM at Sports Authority **

Scouts must check in prior to leaving for Camp Whitsett. They will not be allowed to go to camp unless all required forms were previously turned in.

** A phone chain of the scout's parents will be setup to notify parents 15 to 30 minutes before the boys arrive back at Sports Authority on Saturday.