For Trek Leaders

General BSA Resource Guide for Scouting Safely

Resource links on the Boy Scouts of America website covering safe scouting topics, including:

Guide to Scouting Safely (on-line version)

Managing Risks

The Sweet 16 of BSA Safety

Trek Leader Checklist (Revised October 2017)

Trek Safety Checklist

Are you ready to lead a trek but not sure of what needs to be done?

Use this checklist to guide you. There's lots of detail, but you will adapt it to fit your trek. Just remember to start your planning early. Planning for most treks should begin 2-3 months before the trek.

Trek Archives

Prior year trek forms have been migrated to GoogleDocs for storage. File format is PDF (or Word if exists).

2017-2018 HALTT Training Schedule

Schedule of all training classes provided by the High Adventure Team of SD-Imperial Council.

Trek estimating and accounting form (Revised April 2017)

Microsoft Excel template to help estimate the cost of a trek (Trek Estimate tab) and report the actual expenses of the trek (Trek Accounting tab). Using this form helps the troop treasurer to reconcile the trek accounting and disburse funds for reimbursement.

Troop 777 Trek Form Template (Revised April 2018)

Trek Leaders, please use this form to create all troop trek/sign-up forms for troop outings and activities.

Check My Certification Status

HALTT and Water Trek Training certifications must be renewed every four years. This is a link to the BSA SDIC High Adventure website feature that allows you to lookup your expiration date and certification status.

HALTT Trek Aids On-Line

HALTT training hand-outs available on-line.