Being Active in the Troop

Being Active in the Troop is a requirement for rank advancement for Star and above. The levels below were defined and agreed upon by the troop committee. Meeting attendance will be done via sign-in sheet provided by the Troop Scribe at each meeting - each scout is accountable sign-in. Attendance at other events will be reported by the event leaders by email to

* Required level of active to be eligible for advancement.

** Includes Troop Meetings, Patrol Meetings, TLC training and planning meetings

*** Fundraising requirement waived if no troop fundraiser was done during this period

Awards for level of active in troop will be presented at each Court of Honor as follows:

In addition to the above awards, the scout will earn the following for each COH he is active at the Bronze level or above during Scouting (ages 10 to 18):

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