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Our Mission: Troop 777, through teamwork among the Scouts, adult leaders and parents, actively provides a quality program emphasizing leadership, self-reliance, self-esteem and recognition. We accomplish this with a focus on a meaningful High Adventure program, community involvement and rank advancement.

A few helpful, commonly-used links and documents follows:

Scout Advancement (coming soon)

Being Active in the Troop

Backpacker's Checklist and Ten Essentials:

Print this list out, fold it in half, laminate it (clear packaging tape works well), and keep it with your pack.

Lightweight Backpacker's Gear List:

Details on how you can outfit yourself, and lightweight, for a backpack trip.

Backpacking Material:

Helpful information, created by other scouts, to help you get started with backpacking.

Cookmaster Planners:

Here is everything the Cookmaster needs to plan meals for a trek. As Cookmaster, you are responsible for making menus choosing cooking equipment, buying food, distributing food and equipment, and making duty rosters. This is a critical job for any trek and it needs to be done carefully. Using the Planner will make your job easier.

Food Pantry Items:

Excess food from treks typically is stored with the Troop Quartermaster. Checking with the quartermaster what food they have could save some money for cookmasters.

Distance Converter:

Handy tool for measuring distances in the field using your stride. A very important tool for orienteering activities. Print it out on thick paper, cut it out and use an old service pin to pin it together. You can spray it with a clear lacquer or laminate it to make it more durable. Keep it with your compass so you'll always be prepared!

Patrol Meeting Agenda Template:

Simple Microsoft Word document Patrol Leaders can use to plan each of their Patrol Meetings. Use one per patrol meeting and print them out along with the date and who attended. You will present these agendas to the Scoutmaster to show your activity as a Patrol Leader.

Scout Uniform Badge Placement Sheet:

Where do I sew all the badges on?

Scout Uniform Inspection Sheet:

Handy checklist for uniform inspections.

Scout Guide Topics