Parent Guide: Uniforms

Once your scout is registered with the troop, the next step is purchasing a Boy Scout Handbook and the official BSA uniform (or Class A Uniform). These can be purchased from the Scout Shop at Council Headquarters. When a Scout joins the troop, they will be given a generic neckerchief to wear with their uniform. Once they earn the Tenderfoot rank they will receive the official Troop 777 neckerchief, which is custom made for the Troop and is not available at the Scout Shop.

The official uniform consists of socks, short or long pants, belt, shirt, epaulet loops (dark green for the Boy Scouts), and optionally, a cap. Be sure to allow for growth! Patches that you will need to obtain include the 3 sevens for the troop number, the Pacific Coast shoulder patch, and the 45 year Veteran Unit patch (may be available from the Registrar) which are all worn on the left sleeve. There is also the purple World Crest patch worn 3 inches above the left pocket. Later on, a sash is recommended to display merit badges.

In addition to the standard BSA Uniform (or Class A uniform), the Troop sells T-shirts, referred to as the Class B uniform, which can be worn with or without Scout pants. The Class A uniform should be worn at all official Scouting occasions (including troop meetings). Class B’s are often worn on treks and at any event where Class A’s are inappropriate because they might get too dirty or be too confining.

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