Parent Guide: Keeping Informed

Announcements of pending activities are always made at start of Troop meetings after the opening. Scouts should take notes in their notebooks that they should bring to each meeting (along with their Handbook). If you don’t attend the meetings with your Scout, make sure to ask them about upcoming activities and help them to schedule those into your family calendar. The primary source of Troop specific information is our troop website and email. There will generally be write-ups describing upcoming events, past events, administrative information, and a message from the Scoutmaster. In addition, there will be signup sheets for upcoming events that provide detailed information and include permission slips.

The Troop Calendar is another important resource for parents and Scouts. It is crafted in September by the TLC and includes meetings, treks, activities, service projects, training opportunities, and anything else we are planning to do during the year. However, changes arise as the year progresses, so pay attention to the website! The calendar is reviewed in detail at the Troop Calendar Night in October.

The Troop web site is located at The calendar is available in HTML and XML file formats, so you can sync with your own calendar or for printing. The web site also has the latest trek signup sheets as well as links to the trek photos, other resources and BSA related web sites.

The Troop also uses email to send out announcements regarding meetings, events, treks, and other important information. Make sure your family is on the troop email list by sending a signup request to: t777webmaster @

If you are a registered adult or committee member, you will also receive BSA's Scouting Magazine.