Parent Guide: Finances / Fundraising

Part of the annual registration fee goes to the Desert Pacific Council for operating expenses at the county and national levels. Treks are self-financed by the participants to cover food, transportation and permits. Sign-up sheets will indicate the cost of events that must be paid in advance by the date listed on the sign-up sheet. All other troop finances are raised through fundraisers, and the money earned is managed by the Troop Committee to pay for equipment, patches, and other troop expenses.

Major fundraisers are the October popcorn sales program and the sale of Scout Fair tickets, held every spring. A portion of the proceeds from these sales goes to the council, a portion goes to the troop and portion goes into the scouts' Scout Account. The Scout Fair is a one-day event that highlights Scouting within our Council and his held at Qualcomm Stadium. Troop 777 staffs a High Adventure booth featuring backpacking.

The Troop also has fundraisers that benefit us more directly. We have hosted a yearly pancake breakfast and sold See’s Candies. Through all of these fundraisers, it is possible for Scouts to be completely self-funded via their Scouting fundraising efforts! As a parent, you can help your Scout by supporting their fundraisers at your place of employment.

Finally, National BSA offers a charitable means of supporting Scouting through the Friends of Scouting program. You can donate cash, in-kind gifts, or property to Scouting. You can also help Scouting through direct designation via your employer sponsored United Way program.

Scout Accounts: A scout account is set up for every scout when he joins the troop. Deposits to the scout account come from:

    • Approved fundraising events (ex: Troop Pancake Breakfast, Popcorn Sales, Scout Fair ticket sales)

    • Reimbursements (ex: driving on treks, food buys) unless otherwise requested as a check reimbursement at the time of the event

All scout accounts are administered by the Troop Treasurer. Scouts may use the money in their accounts for any scouting-related activity including camp-outs, treks, merit badge outings, and summer camps. These monies can also be used to purchase equipment or supplies scouts need for scouting-related activities.

A request for reimbursement for scouting-related items (ex: uniforms, camping equipment, eagle project expenses) must be submitted along with a receipt to the Troop Treasurer. Please be sure to contact either the Troop Treasurer or the Committee Chairperson prior to making a purchase to ensure that the purchase is reimbursable from Scout Account funds.

If a scout leaves Troop 777 to move to another troop, his parent(s) may request the balance of his scout account be transferred to the new troop.

Do you need to write a check for a trek or an activity?

Make sure you make it payable to “BSA Troop 777” to avoid potential problems cashing your check.

Checks should not be made payable to the trek leader, nor BSA, nor Scout Troop, nor 777.