Summer Camp: Mataguay ... July 17-23, 2011

Summer camp is the quintessential scout experience where adventure, advancement, comraderie and competition come together. For more information about Mataguay visit the council's Mataguay Summer Camp page.

Any questions, please contact the Troop's Camp Coordinator, Mrs Braun.

Costs / Prerequsites

Cost per scout is $315; cost per adult leader is $140. An additional fee will be collected to reimburse parents driving to and from Mataguay. Each installment is non-refundable once it has been paid.

Prequisites. All scouts and adult leaders must:

- be fully registered with the troop

- have a current Annual Health/Medical Form (valid through 07/23/2011) on file with the Troop Registrar.

- have a copy of medical insurance card on file with Troop Registrar.

In addition, all adult leaders must have completed Youth Protection Training with a certificate (valid through 07/23/2011) on file with the Troop Registrar.


What to Bring (Please Check Back for Updates)

- What To Bring Checklist


- at least one Troop 777 Class B t-shirt; recommend two

- full Class A uniform is required for breakfast and dinner


- shorts and t-shirts for day use

- jacket or sweatshirt for early morning and evenings

- swimsuit and towel for the pool

- small notebook (or paper) and pencils for note-taking during merit badge sessions


Camp Information Night: June 27,2011

We will be collecting:

(1) SPENDING MONEY. Spending money should be in a plastic baggie with the scout's name on it. We recommend that the funds be in $5 or $10 bills so it can be gradually handed out during the week. The scout is responsible for all monies once it is turned over to him; he may not return it to the parent in charge. Generally, the scout takes about $55 to camp to spend on snacks and supplies for the handicraft badges.

(2) MEDICATIONS. Please put all medications in a plastic baggie with the scout's name on it; make sure to include clear dosing instructions for all medications. One of the parents attending camp will be responsible for all medications.

(3) POCKET KNIVES. Any scout bringing a pocket knife to camp for Woodcarving needs to bring their pocket knife in a plastic baggie if he does not have a Totin' Chip card. If the scout has a Totin' Chip card, he must bring a copy of the card along with his pocket knife in order to use the knife at camp.

(4) FORMS. The following forms must be turned in:

- Mataguay Permission Form to Janet Braun

- Annual Health & Medical Record to Jerry Shiller

- Copy of Medical Insurance Card to Jerry Shiller

> > > IMPORTANT < < < Scouts will not be allowed to go to camp unless they have turned in all of the above forms by June 27th!


Rank Advancement / Merit Badge Information

- 2011 Merit Badge Offerings

First Year Scouts. First Year Scouts who need to work on First Class requirements should sign up for the Pathfinder program, which is held the first two sessions of each day. Scouts will work on Swimming and Nature merit badges as well as requirements for First Class rank.

Merit Badges. Scouts can signup for a combination merit badge program that is held in sessions 1 and 2. They can also sign up to earn 2 or 3 merit badges in sessions 2 and 4. Please refer to the 2011 Merit Badges Offerings for a listing of all merit badges offered and email your preferences to Janet Braun.

Merit Badge Requirements to complete prior to camp. Some merit badges have requirements that must be completed prior to camp in order to complete the merit badge at camp. See the Prerequisite column in the 2011 Merit Badge Offerings to find out which requirements must be met outside camp. If a scout does not have the prerequisite(s) for a merit badge, he will get an incomplete and will have to find a counselor to complete the merit badge later on.

NOTE: The First Aid Merit Badge requires the scout bring a photo of requirement 2d (Prepare a first aid kit for your home)


Travel to and from Mataguay (Please Check Back for Updates)

Depart: Sunday, July 17 at 10:00AM from Sports Authority (Driving Directions to Mataguay)

Return: Saturday, July 23 at ~noon at Sports Authority **

As usual scouts must travel to/from camp in full Class A uniform. Please send your scout with a sack lunch as his first meal at camp will be dinner Sunday night. We will need parent volunteers to drive scouts to camp on Sunday and back from camp on Saturday. Please contact Janet Braun to volunteer to drive.

** A phone tree will be setup to notify parents of the approximate arrival time at Sports Authority on Saturday