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An Interview with the Incoming Scoutmaster, Mr. Micah Haney

posted Mar 4, 2015, 8:06 AM by Troop 777 Historian   [ updated Mar 11, 2015, 10:09 PM by T777 Webmaster ]
If you were unaware Mr. Blakely is retiring and Mr. Haney is going to be his replacement.  If you have never met him here is a short interview to let you learn more about him.

1 Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Santee in east San Diego.  Then I moved to Chester in northern California.

2 Were you a boy scout when you were a child?

I was a cub scout but never became a boyscout.

3 What is your Occupation?

I am a pastor at Encinitas Beach Chapel

4 What made you want to be the next scout master?

I see this as a form of chaplaincy, a way to mentor kids and get involved in the community.  Also my son is in the troop and I want to go on scouting trips with him.

5 What do you expect to be the hardest part of being scout master?

Two things, first learning all of the things Mr. Blakely knows and second learning the boys names.

6 Do you have a date for taking over for Mr. Blakely?

Sometime this year but we have not finalized an exact date.

7 What is your favorite place to backpack?

My favorite place to backpack is the Sierra Nevada Mountains. 

8 Do you have any ideas for new scouting trips?

I have heard of people who do civil war reenactments and i believe it would be a good trip to camp and see the civil war reenactment.

9 What is your coolest talents?

I can paint and play bass guitar.