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Troop Elections September 2013

posted Sep 15, 2013, 5:16 PM by Troop 777 Historian

I just wanted to remind everyone to come to the Troop meeting on Monday, September 16th for Troop elections. It is hugely important that everyone attend, this is when you choose the scout(s) who will be leading our Troop. We will elect the SPL (Senior Patrol Leader), ASPL (Assistant Senior Patrol Leader), and Patrol Leaders for September 2013 - March 2014. I always look forward to hearing the speeches from the SPL candidates and when the voting is close, it can be a real nail biter! After the SPL and ASPL are voted in, each Patrol will elect a new Patrol Leader. A scout must be 1st class or above to run for Patrol Leader. Scouts who want a position of responsibility between September and March should bring a letter on Monday, September 16, for the SPL. The positions of responsibility are Quartermaster, Librarian, Scribe, Historian, Chaplain’s Aide, Den Chief, Troop Guide, and Instructors. The letter should request their position, explain why they are a good candidate for the position, and provide their name, email, and phone number. Don’t miss this important meeting!

            The next week on Sunday, September 22 it’s the Fall Court of Honor and Troop Dinner.  Join us for a great troop dinner at 5:00pm followed by awards at 6:30pm. See you there! 

-Jeff M., Troop Historian