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Merit Badge Information

Merit badges are focused learning skills in specific areas of interest; there are over 120 merit badges that can be earned. Merit badges are not required for the ranks of Tenderfoot, Second Class, or First Class. For the remaining ranks of Star, Life and Eagle, earning merit badges is mandatory, however you do not have to wait until these higher ranks to work on merit badges.

A scout may choose to work on a merit badge alone, along with a group of scouts, as part of a patrol activity, or at organized events such as summer camp or scout fair. A scout should take the following steps when earning merit badges:

1.Find and meet the merit badge counselor before working on your merit badge.
2.Contact the Scoutmaster to let him know you want to work on the merit badge and request a 'blue card'.
3.Obtain the merit badge book from the Troop Librarian, or Scout store, and read it.
4.Work with your merit badge counselor to complete all activities and requirements.
5.Review completed activities and requirements with the merit badge counselor.
6.Have your 'blue card' signed off by your merit badge counselor; the merit badge counselor will keep one portion of your 'blue card'.
7.Have your 'blue card' signed off by the Scoutmaster.
8.Submit your 'blue card' to the Advancement Chair.
9.Receive your merit badge and one portion of the 'blue card' at the next Court of Honor.

The Troop Librarian manages our library of merit badge books which are loaned out to a scout while he is working to earn a merit badge. The scout should promptly return the merit badge book to the librarian as soon as possible after completing work on the merit badge.

Merit badge books may also be bought at the Scout Store Online, at the Scout Shop located near Balboa Park at 1207 Upas Street (map), or at the Be Ready Disaster Preparedness Store in Oceanside located at 602 Garrison Street (map).

There are new merit badges for 2012 as well as changes to existing merit badge requirements. Check out the changes here: 2012 Merit Badge Changes.

Other Merit Badge Resources:
- For merit badge requirements and printing merit badge workbooks: MeritBadge.org.
- To find a Merit Badge Counselor: By Zipcode in the SD-Imperial Council
To find a Merit Badge Counselor within the troop, request the troop merit badge counselor list from the scoutmaster.

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Troop Library

Are you working on a Merit Badge and need the matching Merit Badge Book? Before you run out and buy a copy, check to see if the book you need is available in our troop's library.

If the troop has it, you may request the book from the troop's Librarian via email (librarian @t777.org) and he will bring you a copy at the next scheduled troop meeting.

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