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Join Troop 777

Boy Scouting is for boys who are 11, or are at least 10 years old
and have completed the fifth grade or have earned the Cub Scout
 Arrow of Light Award, through 17 years old.

Boys experience a vigorous outdoor program and peer group leadership with the counsel of an adult Scoutmaster to achieve the BSA's
 objectives of developing character, citizenship, and personal fitness.
 Camping, fun with friends -- and more. It’s the adventure of a lifetime!

Give your son a valuable gift by encouraging him to join Boy Scouting today. The time you invest in him today will make a difference
in the person he becomes tomorrow!

Contact Information
                    Scoutmaster: Micah Haney     
                    Email Address: t777scoutmaster @ gmail.com
                    Phone: (760) 804-9140
                    Registrar: Jack Butler
                    Email Address: t777registrar @ gmail.com
                    Phone: (760) 634-0322

Forms and Fees

The forms and fees needed for a new or transferring scout are:


The forms and fees needed for a new or transferring adult are:

NOTE: The BSA Application was originally designed as a carbon copy form so has 2 identical pages, of which only one needs to be filled out. Similarly, Adults only need to fill out the “Disclosure Consent” page and one of the 4 identical Information forms.

 Forms and fees can be brought to the troop registrar at the meetings.

Regular Meetings
Interested in seeing what Troop 777 is like? Please stop by one of our regular troop meetings and talk to our scouts and leaders!
            When:                 Monday from 6:50PM - 8:30PM
            Where:                St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
                                       890 Balour Drive, Encinitas, CA 92024